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  3. Thursday, 28 September 2017
Welcome to Joomlaxi!

The entire team and i are really thrilled to have you with us. As you can see that our site is still fairly new, and we have just ported most stuffs over from ReadyBytes. We sincerely apologize should you encounter any hiccups on our site.

Here are some simple house rules to take note of:

1. Are Joomlaxi products open source?
Yes, definitely! All our php codes are 100% open source and licensed under the GPL license. When you purchase a subscription, you are purchasing the rights to use the software for as long as you want, and we are not taking away your rights from using the software. There are no restrictions imposed to your usage of the software.

2. How to register your licensed domain?
You will need to register your site domain name immediately on the checkout page itself.

Once your site domain was successfully registered, everything will work as usual. You will not feel any difference at all on the site.

3. Can i change my licensed domain later on?
Yes, by all means you are allowed to install it on a development site, and request us to update the licensed domain once more if our system does not detect any abuse activity.

We appreciate your kind understanding and patience. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to open a new ticket on our forum. :)
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